personal security alarms


Small two-button pendants can be carried in a pocket or easily changed from a wristband to a belt clip to a neck cord. Water resistant, the pendant can be washed, even submerged pendantThis system incorporates features important for the security of the installation. Telephone line or internet interruptions are enunciated at the keypad. Equipment is also supervised for tamper, power and battery status. Notifications are discreet with only line cuts optionally sounding a keypad alarm. All signals are also received at the station.

A basic system includes two pendants
(c/w interchangeable wrist, belt, necklace). It sends a silent alarm over your fax or telephone line. Some locations also opt for a local siren.



a REPEATER may be required in larger buildings or areas of significant interference. Installation is uncomplicated requiring only an electrical outlet. The units have a self-contained battery for power outages, all monitored including tamper and RF jam.  

SIRENS installed at or close to the panel are inexpensive however additional labour charges would apply for more difficult wire runs.

Simple AUTOMATION features are also available, labour on a time & materials basis. 
An existing door strike, for example, could be tripped by an activated pendant and reset at the keypad.

Although a fax line is 99.9% reliable, you may want to consider internet back-up. Although there is a small additional monthly charge, signals will be sent even if the telephone line is down.
The device allows for IP cameras and more automation features. Smartphone reception of all signals with limited control of the system is also available.