to rent or purchase our medical alarm

It comes with a standard pendant, worn around the neck or on the wrist (no fall detection). You require a landline and installation is plug and play. If you would also like fall detection, that pendant is only available for purchase.

We bill quarterly and you may cancel any quarter.
You may also buy the equipment to significantly reduce your rental as you pay for monitoring only

Although our response centre is a twenty-four a day operation, we maintain regular office hours for our telephone line: 613 741-6774
There is an answering machine on the line but it expensive for us to return long distance calls as we are quite chatty here and there are always questions.  There’s usually someone in the office or shop but if you are calling long distance and get the machine, please provide your email address. canadian flag as country

The 613 741-6774 number is not used at our monitoring stations. The station numbers are for clients only, answered by our live operators, 24 hours a day.