About line seizure

Telephone line seizure by medical alarm consoles is not nearly the issue it was years ago when we had telephones plugged in to wall jacks all over our homes. Today, if they even have a landline, most people use cordless phones, sometimes as many as four cordless telephones all wirelessly connected to one base station which plugs in to one jack.

As long as the console line jack is connected to the wall and the cordless phone base station is connected to the console telephone jack, the seizure issue is moot.

The problem arises if there are multiple phones or devices connected to jacks throughout the home. If one of these devices is “off hook” or in use, it will interfere with the console trying to make a “call” much like you picking up a telephone when someone is already using another phone in the house.

The LineGrabber™ (and similar line seizure devices) works with any single-line, analog phone (plain old telephone systems – POTS), and prevent jamming of the alarm signal by other phone devices connected to the same line, such as phone ringing, conversation in progress, or handset left off-hook in the high and dry mode (no dial tone). It also saves time and money and can be installed in a few minutes by non-technical personnel.

You use a filtre on every device EXCEPT the console. If you plug both in to the filtre and no joy, swap the cords connected to the filtre.

You can also ensure seizure by installing the console at the demarcation jack where the phone line enters your home. As the rest of the house is ‘after’ the console, you do not need any of these filtres.

We stock these filtres here as well that we can include with your order.