Although the response centre is a twenty-four a day operation, we maintain regular office hours for our telephones. We’re busy and often can not pick up right away. Messages are handled promptly. We might defer returning long distance calls until Saturdays, drop us an email!

613 741-6774

Please rest assured we do not use this office number at the monitoring station. That number is private to clients and always answered by live operators.

If you would like one of our pendants, please call, send us a message here or email us:

All of our units are easily transferable meaning purchased units can be easily reprogrammed for new users or even a different monitoring station.

You may also upgrade from the Freedom Alert to the monitored Life Sentry or to the Libris (fall detection) at any time within your first year.
As a result, we often have gently used units for sale and inquiries are always welcome.

The batteries in the LIBRIS pendants are sealed. The other two units use re-chargeable batteries that charge in the base station while another is in use in the pendant. Even rechargeable batteries will likely have to replaced in 3 Р5 years.

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