indoor pendant

Our indoor pendant uses the PERS console and your phone line (or the cellular network using an add-on module) to send the HELP signal. The indoor pendant is smaller as it does not have a mic, speaker, cellular or a GPS antenna.  In spite of it’s small size, this sleek, lighter pendant has the same superior fall detection as it’s big brother. It also has a call button and status light on the back.

smaller, lighter indoor pendant white

If a fall is detected by the indoor pendant or it’s button is pressed, it will signal the console and a two-way voice call will be initiated. If you are on another floor or too far away from the console, an additional mic/speaker can be located where needed and plugged in to a convenient wall outlet.

We also have a fixed wall transmitter you can use in the bathroom or by the bed. Safety accessories for the home console

medical alert safety hub

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