Life Sentry


Our Life Sentry medical alarm is ideal for multi-level residences where it might prove difficult to hear you from the base unit, which is probably on another floor!

The pendant that you wear is always with you wherever you are, in and around your home. It has a built-in speaker and microphone that allows us to talk to and hear each other easily.

It is much easier to carry around than a cordless or cellular telephone and you can actually answer an incoming call with the pendant saving you needlessly rushing to the ringing telephone.

We work closely with our central station to monitor these systems for both emergencies and ongoing maintenance issues like battery and range status.

This is the base station. Flip it over and there is a compartment for the power failure back-up batteries. There is also a little door just below the two lights that stores and charges the spare pendant battery

The plug in power supply and phone cord. Corded telephones that you can not plug in to the house phone jack will require a filtre for proper line seizure.

The pendant and the wrist, lanyard and belt clip attachments.

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