Freedom Alert

Our FreedomAlert system allows you to contact family, friends or the 911 dispatcher at the press of a button. Similar to the LifeSentry unit, this pendant lets you speak and listen directly through the pendant itself! You and your responders don’t have to try to listen and talk through a speaker that could be behind a closed door, down the hall or even on another floor


The pendant has two batteries, one charging in the base unit and the other in the pendant. A voice prompt will tell you when to swap the batteries. These batteries, although re-chargeable will have to be replaced in 3 – 5 years


There is also a  test button on the back of the pendant so you can check your system without upsetting your responders with a non-emergency call or risking a call by mistake to the 911 service. You should, however, also test with your responders regularly to ensure they know how to handle the call. The unit can also be programmed to call 911 (if no responders answer your call)


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