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Medi-Call is an independent alarm dealer. Most medical alarm companies are simply storefront extensions of the manufacturer. For example, Phillips Canada manufacture their own inventory. Not only is your selection limited but the equipment is proprietary and will only work with their monitoring station

In other words Lifeline units can only be serviced and monitored by Lifeline. Elizabeth Bruyere Help Line, LifeCall, Shopper’s Drug Mart, DirectAlert, you get the idea. They all use proprietary equipment

We would rather put you in the driver’s seat. Further, medical alarms today are quite inexpensive compared to only a few years ago. Many of us are living much longer and you might end up using your system for more than ten years! That is a lot of money out the window if you are renting your equipment.

Medi-Call is a Numera and LogicMark dealer. This allows us to offer the three units we feel most reliably satisfy the needs of our clients. All of our units may be purchased and if you are unhappy, the units are NOT locked, you may leave at any time and simply reprogram to another provider

As there is still a requirement for shorter terms, we do rent the Life Sentry units which are presently programmed to call our monitoring stations in Canada

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